The Devereaux Architectural Review Committee meets to review and approve/deny architectural requests and to discuss and make recommendations to the Board of Directors regarding the Architectural Standards and Specifications.

As required in the Declaration of Covenants Conditions and Restrictive Covenants for Devereaux, the HOA retains an Architectural Review Committee. This committee serves to approve plans pertaining to (but not limited to): construction, reconstruction, remodeling, alteration, roofing or addition to any structure, building, fence, wall, drive or walkway or exterior color change projects.

What types of improvement projects require approval by the Architectural Review Committee? See Article VI Section 1 (Approval of Plans and Architectural Committee) of the Declaration of Covenants, Conditions, and Restrictions for Devereaux for a complete overview.

How the Architectural Committee Process works

1. Approval Forms are available from Omega Management. They are to be completed and returned to Omega electronically, snail mail or delivered to their office at 160 NE Maynard Rd, Suite 210, Cary.

2. Omega will send the completed forms to ACC Chairperson

3. After screening for all required information, Omega will email the request to the ACC committee. If there is any issue with the form or missing info, Omega will contact the HO

4 The ACC will look over the request. Before submitting their vote, they may request additional information. Omega will contact the HO with their questions.

5. When the committee submits their vote, the ACC will contact the HO with the decision. The management company will be notified and an official letter will be sent to the HO

NO Homeowner can not or should not start a project without ACC approval. The HO may be fined for any work started prior to approval.

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