Devereaux welcomes your enthusiasm, energy and time! If you are interested in getting involved – please contact the Chairperson for committee interest.

Architectural Committee (ACC)

The Architectural Committee must review and approve all construction which takes place within Devereaux in accordance with appearance, standards and guidelines as specified by Article VI of the Declaration of Covenants.

The most important key to a quick approval of your project is a complete submittal. This should include plans, materials, required samples and the required fees. Please review the standards carefully before starting a project. Contact: Omega Management (919)461-0102 for ACC Information.

Grounds Committee

Devereaux is home to a diverse community wherein takes great pride in the appearance of the community. The Devereaux Grounds Committee discusses ways to improve or maintain the appearance of the community.

Grounds Committee Responsibilities

  • Monitor and promote the overall appearance of common grounds.
  • Monitor the performance of grounds/irrigation contractors.
  • Research grounds-related issues for the Devereaux Board of Directors.
  • Make recommendations to the Devereaux Board of Directors.
  • Address concerns of homeowners. Forward issues to Devereaux Board of Directors as necessary.
  • Provide services that encourage good landscaping and lawn maintenance practices to homeowners.

NOTE: Currently the responsibilities of the Grounds Committee is being handled by Omega Management.

Recreation Committee

The Rec Committee organizes community events to help to bring us together and to add to our sense of community. This committee best represents that Devereaux is what we make it. To help make Devereaux be all that it can be, contact Rec Committee with your ideas.

Traditionally, the Rec Committee coordinates an Easter Egg Hunt, a Memorial Day Pool Party, Start of the Summer Party for kids, one or more neighborhood yard sales, and Christmas Caroling.

With neighborhood support, we have in the past been able to add things like a Halloween Festival, a Progressive Dinner, a Fun-Run for Charity, Chili Cook-Off, a Scavenger Hunt, movie nights, and contests for things like best decorated house at Christmas and Halloween.

The Rec Committee members are currently working on a Welcome Packet to help New Residents.

All of these events are coordinated and handled by neighbors who devote their own free time and energy. If you would like to join the Rec Committee or can volunteer even a small amount of your time, please send email to the Rec Committee. Also, if you have any ideas or feedback on events, send them along to us. We are eager to hear from you.

Social Committee Responsibilities

  • Brainstorm creative ideas for community events.
  • Budget for and organize events for the community.

Contact: Cheryl W.

Pool Committee

The Pool Committee is responsible for issues affecting the management and maintenance of the swimming pool.

The committee will observe conditions and note repairs of swimming pool, Resident Club building and grounds within the fenced in area. It will also ensure the pool company fulfills duties as specified in their contract and recommend seasonal opening and closing dates for the swimming pool. Additionally, problems, findings and recommendations will be reported to the HOA Board of Directors and Management Company as necessary and appropriate.

Pool Rules

Contact: Cheryl W.

Communications Committee 

The Communication Committee is a new committee formed from feedback from our neighborhood.  The committee is responsible for disseminating information happening in and to the community to every homeowner.  Part of ensuring information is flowing properly is having forum for homeowners to access information.  The Devereaux website, also falls under the Communication Committee’s responsibility.  The committee is responsible for ensuring the site and communication of events is accessible to all homeowners.

Contact: Mark Franklin